4 Replies to “Midday Video Update 1/12/23”

  1. Hi Brian – on XBI where did you see the potential entry? Break of the upper trend line on your daily?

  2. Tony, I never buy because of a trendline break, I almost never mention trend lines….
    I have mentioned this one the last 3 days I purchased yesterday at 83.30

  3. Thanks, it’s easier for me to see the stops, for me it’s harder to anticipate the buy points. Because you mentioned it, and were pointing out stops for folks involved, I just wanted to understand the buy point(s) that you saw and the reasoning behind them. I looked at the charts on various time frames with various anchored VWAPs and I was never confident in what I saw. I just guessed at the trend line since you had one drawn on the update video. Sorry if that struck a nerve:)

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