Midday Video Update 9/11/12

After becoming interested in trading the markets in 2009, I signed up for a subscription to Alphatrends, as well as a few other services. The distinction between Brian’s work and that of the other folks’ was evident almost immediately, so after about a month I cancelled the other services. Even after 3 years, I am … Read More

Where is S&P 500 Support?

Markets continued lower this week as levels we were eyeing as potential support provided no safety for longs, showing us once again why we refer to the levels as potential During a pullback like we are experiencing, technical analysis provides valuable clues to where battles for control are likely to take place. Our job is … Read More


{+++}   A Good One For Mom Brian Shannon April 2, 2012 Let me warn you, if you are looking for a high octane stock which you can trade for short term gains, this story isn’t going to appeal to  you.  But if you are interested in a large cap stock with low volatility (beta … Read More