I have a computer issue which is not allowing me to do a video.

Markets gapped lower, sucked in shorts, took stops, reclaimed VWAP and have been on a tear since. This is why we do not short when the 5 dma is rising!

EVTG we were stopped out of our final 1/3 long from 2868 with a loss of 0.13 but with the prior sales higher, the entired position averaged a gain of +0.35

PDD we have taken gains of 0.23 and 1.43 and the stop on the balance reverts back to 2490. We were NOT stopped out because we DO NOT sell on a gap lower, we wait and assess.

MRK no entry, take it off the list

DELL if you purchased at 4740 it was stopped otu for a quick loss of 0.81

FNSR remains on watch but it is still early.