As they say, “there is a first for everything.” Today is the first day I can remember where I did my typical end of day routine, looking at over 200 stocks on 5 different timeframes, and I came up with nothing of interest! Not even for “watchlist ideas.”

I strive to bring low risk, high probability swing trade setups to subscribers every single day, but it is not up to me what the market has in store, I am simply the translator. The best I can translate what the market is saying right now is “its a big mess, stay away!”

To me, it is not just a phrase to repeat “Listen to the market,” it is how I believe the market should be approached. So, for tomorrow, there are no ideas that I have seen that fit what I look for in order to present them to you. We will let the market settle and reveal the ideas to us, I do not expect a repeat of “no ideas” but if that is what the market tells me again in the future, that is what I will bring to your attention.

If I find some ideas tonight, as I will undoubtedly be looking at charts again, I will let you know if I find anything of particular interest tomorrow morning.