I will not be in today but wanted to update our stocks.

AVT long 4690 1/3 +.019 1/3 +0.62 stop on balance remains 4839
VIAV was stopped out on Thursday we were long at 1116 and sold 1/3 +0.14 and the balance was exited with a gain of 0.20
MTCH long 4927 1/3 +0.41 1/3 stopped at 5009 for gain of 0.72 and the stop on the balance is 4898
GLOW was stopped out of the balance with a gain of 0.25 after taking the two other pieces off with gains of 0.18 and 0.31
HDP 2193 1/3 +0.21 stop on balance remains 2190

MDRX long 1401 1/3 +0.06 stop was not triggered on open Thursday, our stop is now 1455
SEND we were long at 3269 and took profits of 0.81, 1.41 and 2.29
VRTX long 17985 1/3 +1.00 stops remain at 18005 and 18330
BCRX remove from watch
NTR long 5682 1/3 + 0.24 and balance stopped +0.06
SSYS was stopped on entire position for a loss of 0.23
APPN, CERN and NPTN can be removed from watch after failing to set up properly
NI we were looking for a possible “pullback and go” we got the pullback and now it is setting up for a potential long, maybe better for Monday?

Have a good day. The end of week video will probably be available on Monday.