No video today, just some notes. SPY approaching 27130 (last month high) and is getting quite extended near term, be on lookout for potential resistance in this area. QQQ extending further but still healthy, no signs of slowing of momentum. IWM rapidly approaching prior highs, raise stop on open positions, below yesterday low seems reasonable SMH fighting the decl 50 DMA, no signs of pressure yet, if you have open longs be on alert for signs to take some profits. XLF above its decl 50DMA and not slowing down, be aware of YTD VWAP at 2834 LLNW long 504 1/3 +0.21 stops at 538 and 523 DNKN long 6253 1/3 + 0.32, 1/3 +1.84 stop on bal 6356 UMPQ long 2356 1/3 + 0.24 stop on bal 2348 UIS long 1220 sell 1/3 1245 stop to 1180 REGI, UA and CCJ no changes, still valid CLF long 787 1/3 +0.09 stops to 809 & 798 HAL still setting up needs more time HD if long 18700 sell 1/3 @ R2, if not involved consider it above 18725 stops at 18585 IGT energy still building, needs to clear 2849 MCD back above HOD could see momentum, stop below LOD