Sorry for the lack of audio. I am going to leave the post the way it is as an educational opportunity. By the time I am done posting these notes I could have redone the video but I think there is value in following along and trying to think for yourself as certain things are pointed out on the video.

Here is what is most important with our stocks.
LLNW long 504 1/3 +0.21 stop to 494 which makes it risk-free.
ACLS stopped on final 1/3 +0.85 after taking gains of 0.70 and 1.10
WTI still good above 598 w stop of 565, maybe buy “pilot” piece long and add at breakout? Stop on early entry would be 573.
UIS nothing changes here.
ADAP if long stops to consider would be 1311 and 1330, risky biotech which I will not continue to follow unless requested.
ROKU and SHAK remove from watch.