BEFORE the $IBB moved 7.79% this week

I had a great discussion with my friend JC Parets on his Podcast this past week, bookmark

I have a TON more coming on VWAP Here is how to see transition to buyers with VWAP. Here are some VWAP levels on the longer term GLD chart Like any indicator VWAP levels are “areas of interest” to watch action more closely on a shorter term timeframe Beware of overhead resistance from IPO VWAP

Still not sure how to find and use VWAP?

NFLX played out perfectly this past week

Trendline breaks indicate change in rate of trend, typically NOT REVERSAL This is a consistent message, I wrote about on pages 68-69 of MY BOOK and mentioned it on 8/18 when the SPY broke the YTD trend line and others were calling for a reversal.

Is Deere (DE) a Hurricane Harvey Play?

Remember the N.Korea missile launch?

I am excited be the Keynote Speaker at the Trade Ideas Summit Sunday, October 1st. Will you be there? If not, you can attend online.