The $SPY paid a dividend of $1.08 this morning so the current level isnt as bad as it might first appear, but at 20617, it is down 1.13 presently. Weakness today should not be a surprise, as the SPY rallied up to the (still declining) 5dma.

Stock Updates
AET – no official entry as it did not breach 12179, remove from list
AKS – long 506, stop to 494, the entry was R2 so no chance to take some off
COTY – still short candidate below 2602 w stop 2655
DISH – long 5345 1/2 off at R2 of 5413 +0.68 stop on bal to 5346
MITK – still good purchase candidate above 759
SYNC – still may be ok above 342 w stop below lod