Below is part 2 of the Alphatrends Beginner Course

DAY 2 – 90 Minute Recording
Support & Resistance – Building blocks of trends
Trend Trading- Identify & Understand how and why trends develop
Basics of Trend Alignment- Low Risk/ High Probability Trade Identification
Seling Short- Why, how and risks
Managing Risks of Price, Time and Leverage
Order entry types and when to use them
Trading Resources & What is Next

To ensure that any questions you have from these materials, we will have a special webinar on Thursday February 4 dedicated solely to this material. Be sure to take notes and have your questions prepared for the webinar, without questions there is no webinar! For this webinar, all questions will be answered live using the gotomeeting Q&A panel. If your questions are lengthy or multi-parted please type them in advance so you can cut and paste it in. Please try to be concise with the questions and be respectful of other peoples time, don’t be a question hog!!

Alphatrends Trading Academy Intro Course – Day 2 from Brian Shannon – Alphatrends on Vimeo.

The webinar will be held on Thursday February 4, 2016 at 5:30 PM Eastern, it is scheduled for one hour and it will be recorded for future viewing. HERE IS THE WEBINAR REGISTRATION LINK