As you have seen, I have been switiching over to the TC2000 charts for the videos. Last week we had Michael Thompson from TC2000 present an overview of the software for Alphatrends members exclusively, the recording of that video is below.

One big positive that came from that webinar is that they once again accommodated a request from Alphatrends for a switch to the software. The trendlines used to look like this o————–o not dashed but with the dots at the end of them. We made a request that they remove those dots and within 48 hours they were gone! We were able to get them to respond quickly because many of you have signed up and use TC2K for charting.

By using THIS LINK FOR TC2000 the Alphatrends community gets credit and we will continue to have our voice heard, even louder, from their development team. TC2K has been great to work with and I expect the relationship to become even stronger.

TC2000 Overview _ Live QA w Brian _ Michael Thompson from brian shannon on Vimeo.

The video below is one that I did outlining how I use the tools on TC2K in the videos, I hope it helps get everyone on the same page.

The Password for the video is TC

How I Use TC2000 from brian shannon on Vimeo.