It was another great week for equities, I hope you participated in the upside. The video below takes a look at key levels in the major ETFs and individual stocks such as $AAPL and $TWTR

I was on Yahoo Finance with my friend Phil Pearlman on August 22, the links below are to the subjects we spoke about including some stock trading ideas in $ZLTQ and $CROX We also spoke about stock market trends in the $SPY

This Bull Market Isn’t Dead Yet $SPY
Biotech and Twitter ‘stretched’? Why Yellen is wrong $IBB $TWTR
Fat zapping laser is a real thing and this chartist is bullish on the stock $ZLTQ
Crocs are ugly but the stock is looking good $CROX

If you missed it, this post Please Don’t Call It A Double Top in the S&P 500 was very popular this week, it is an educational story about double tops.

Have a good weekend