{+++}The number one goal of the chatroom is to share actionable trading ideas during market hours. I do not intend to do much posting during the first 30 minutes of trading and the “official” time I will be in chat will be until 12:30PM Eastern each day. As most of you know, I am often in the room all day, but please be aware of the official times. The chatroom will be open 24/7 (outside of times there may be technical difficulties)

The stocks that I mention will be ones which have been on our watch list over the last few days and may include new watch list ideas which do not get mentioned in videos. The newer ideas which have not been analyzed in a video should be considered “daytrade ideas” but you may choose to trade them on a longer term basis. There will be no real price targets, except “higher “ for longs and “lower” for shorts, the main emphasis will be on RISK MANAGEMENT.

You are encouraged to mention stocks which look like they may be setting up, but please do not share trades which you may have previously entered and did not mention. No one will believe you and it is a waste of everyone’s time. If you do mention new stocks , the minimum expectation is that you mention where a stop would go.

Also, please don’t point out obvious moves which have already occurred, “wow AMZN is up 3 points in the last hour” these ideas are a distraction and provide no value, we are only interested in actionable ideas or something that may be beneficial in terms of market action.

During market hours, this room is NOT a place to discuss; religion, politics, sports, etc. It is not a place to be negative or critical of others in the room or anywhere else, negativity will not be tolerated. Please be respectful of everyone. We can still have some fun, but let’s try to keep it market focused.

For general market questions (ie- what moving average should I use on xx timeframe? Etc) this is not the forum, Monday night webinars are the place to get those questions answered.

I am happy to look at stocks and give a quick opinion, just try to be aware of how busy the market may be before you ask.

Twitter- if you are mentioning the trades we do in real time on twitter or any other chat, blog etc you will be asked to stop and if it continues you will be blocked from the room.

I am excited to grow this room and I do not expect there will be any problems, but we have to have some guidelines to ensure that we all receive the maximum benefit.

Let’s all do our best to make the chatroom a tool for greater profits and to get to know each other and maybe even have some fun!