It is crazy to believe it has been six years since I started Alphatrends. This site has always been focused on objective and unbiased analysis of market action and I am humbled by the positive community which has developed around Alphatrends. I never expected it to be as successful as it is and I thank all of the current, past and future subscribers for valuing the work here and helping make it so much fun.

Six years ago today I made my FIRST BLOG POST One month later I posted my first video to YOUTUBE In the last six years I have befriended many subscribers and have been happy to see so many of them become more sophisticated traders and investors who are doing well in the market.

The success as a free blog and the request for more trading ideas encouraged me to join up with Stocktwits in 2008 to offer a premium blog. The blog started out at a price of $59/month or $599/year. Last year, after adding new features and receiving great feedback from subscribers, the price was raised to $99/month or $799/year.

There has never been a discount offered on this subscription product, UNTIL NOW!

Here’s the deal, and I promise it will only be offered until the end of April 2012, no exceptions. You can signup for an annual subscription for just $399. The monthly subscription will remain $99/month.

Please use THIS LINK for the special rate.

This is what your annual subscription gets you

Daily end of day video analysis of major market ETF’s including but not limited to: $SPY $QQQ $XLF $XMH $IWM

Fresh swingtrade ideas each day. The video analysis allows you to fully understand the logic for each setup, complete with potential entry, stop loss points and profit objectives.

Full time access to the alphatrends chatroom (available all day and moderated by Brian Monday – Friday 9:00AM to 12:30PM Eastern)

Bi-weekly live webinar where your general trading questions are answered as well as in depth technical analysis of trends and stocks requested by you.

Midday video update Monday through Thursday, available by 1:00 PM Eastern.

One free private 20 minute webinar with Brian Shannon to discuss your personal trading approach ($100 value)
There are no refunds on this offer

SIGNUP NOW and lock in the $399 Annual Subscription price!!

A few things you should know

The ideas presented each day are not appropriate for everyone. It is up to you to figure out which stocks make the most sense based on your risk tolerance and time frame preference. As I like to say “make the idea your own” meaning, there are more ways to trade the setup than the parameters I outline in the videos. It is not my goal to have everyone trade the same, but to follow a well thought out plan and then implement the idea based on your own style. If you do not have your “own style” alphatrends has influenced thousands of individual traders to develop a method which works best for them.

There is a very strong emphasis on RISK MANAGEMENT and education. We will trade conservative stocks as well as some of the wildest highfliers, but if you follow the risk management principles (which are constantly referred to) it is highly unlikely that you will ever become the victim of a trade which will severely impacts your account equity negatively.

There is no bias towards long or short beyond what the market is telling us is appropriate, however I have always found it easier to make money trading long.

You will never see any exaggerated claims of returns. You still have to provide the discipline to implement the ideas and individual returns often vary widely.

The chat room is not a place for “chatter.” It is a place where many professional traders spend their day and during market hours we try to keep all communication to timely ideas. We still have some fun, but the emphasis is low risk, high probability opportunities.

If this subscription service is not for you, thank you for stopping by. The free content on Alphatrends will to be posted from time to time and we hope that you continue to learn from it.


By taking advantage of this offer, you will also lock in the $399 rate for future years as long as your membership remains active.