My Trading Screens and Main Machine

The picture directly below is of my main trading machine display.  I have 4 -23″ monitors.  Each of the windows is labeled.  This is by no means an ideal setup, I think it is quirky but it works for me.  I have another computer where I have stocktwits desktop, our chat and another browser window.  … Read More

Stock Market Analysis & Ideas for Monday 2/28/11

This video is available for non subscribers to view as well.  Subs, to register for Monday night video please click the premium tab Some of the stocks mentioned in the video include Charts and data table, courtesy ALPHASCANNER If you are logged in, you will see the webinar registration directly below this line. {+++} Please … Read More

New York Traders Expo 2011

will be held at the Marriot Marquis in NYC February 20-23 There are a lot of Stocktwits friends of mine who will be speaking and attending including: Anne-Marie Baiynd James Altucher Mike Bellafiore Joe Fahmy My talk will be Monday morning 8-9 AM, not exactly primetime… I hope to see you there! Below are some … Read More