Healthy Consolidation?

While the Qs battle with reistance near 33.00, the market has held the gains for the week very well and a pattern of higher lows (on the 10 minute timeframe) has emerged. The primary trend remains lower and the daily timeframe is still a wreck which is why you cannot let your guard down by … Read More

Back Near Highs

Although I don’t think the market has digested gains long enough, we have to be prepared for the possibility that the market may continue higher without further consolidation, leaving the unprepared participants in a position to chase much later. As we have seen lately, the final hour can bring anything and things can happen very … Read More

Election Plays?

Stem cell company’s engage in research methods which some people find to be objectionable. President Bush has been one of the largest critics of their methods and has taken the extreme action of vetoing Federal funding for embryonic stem cell research twice. The coming change in administration will bring support for embryonic research (see positions … Read More

A Step Back for Perspective

The chart below shows the Daily and 30 minute timeframes for the Qs. The area shaded in yellow is magnified with 30 minute data on the inset chart. This rally is still within the confines of a bear market so all long plays should be smaller size and have strict risk management. One potential scenario … Read More