Here is a HIGH RESOLUTION VIDEO DOWNLOAD for today. If you are having difficulties viewing this version search “codec” on this blog to find a possible solution. I am not an expert at viewing solutions, I just record and upload, what happens after that is out of my control.

Here is a possible solution for AAPL users, I have not verified if it works or not.
FYI, if any Mac users are having problems viewing your high resolution videos, I found the program “VLC Media Player” does an excellent job on the downloaded file. It’s “donation ware”. I’m not affiliated in any way. The url is below.

LIVE trading idea event tomorrow (Wednesday September 3) at 12:30 PM EASTERN here is the LINK to attend. The event will not require a password and it will not be recorded. There will be a brief Q&A at the end of the session and we will will not go longer than 30 minutes. Hope you can make it!