Stock Market Video Trend Analysis 8/29/08

Here is a HIGH RESOLUTION VIDEO DOWNLOAD for today. Read the full review from SMARTGUYSTOCKS“First, let me preface my first book review by noting that I am extremely skeptical of marketing experts who sell trading systems and technical analysis products. However, I believe the Internet will allow a handful of successful investors and traders to … Read More

Bear Trap?

It is too early to call it one, but if the market can recover back up towards 46.40+ it will allow the bulls to rest a little easier over the 3 day weekend. Solars continue to be where the good upside action is, there are a lot of good setups in that group.

Email Policy

I have been very clear about my email policy in the past, but not everyone listens. So to be clear. I answer all emails (generally within 48 hours) if you can follow a few simple rules. 1- Please be BRIEF… seriously I do not read beyond the first 2-3 sentences. If you send a long … Read More

Trading Volume

Volume: Always Second to PriceVolume analysis can supply us with important information regarding the conviction of the buyers and sellers in a market, but it is important to remember that it comes second to price, as in the end price is the only thing that pays. There are many instances where a stock will rally … Read More

Looking Better

The markets are looking much better as the SPY downtrend line has been broken and we now have a short term pattern of higher highs and higher lows. The Qs are still battling with the DT line but with the rising 5 day MAs in these markets, we should now give the short term benefit … Read More