Tim Sykes

reviewed my book and here is an excerpt. “That’s right, I want you to pick up a copy right the hell now and read in awe as Shannon explains how it’s not just about memorizing chart patterns—anybody who tells you that is a typically useless finance freak—it’s infintely more important to understand how variables, players … Read More

Trading Traditional Commodities

A common question I receive is if I am aware of a reputable company which allows electronic trading of the traditional commodities such as Oil, Grains, Meats, Metals, and also Index futures such as S&P’s, Dow, Nasdaq, and Russell. At the trade show in Ontario, CA last week I met with Mark Monaco, who is … Read More

Bonus Trade Ideas Video

Has been uploaded to the “Bonus” tab on the book website. For the username and password see page 184 of the book. There is a 16 minute video with over a dozen stocks which appear to be setup for trend continuation (higher and lower) for the upcoming week. There is a stock in the same … Read More

Book Review

“Reading Brian Shannon’s TECHNICAL ANALYSIS USING MULTIPLE TIMEFRAMES will have a profound impact on your trading experience. He clearly explains the market structure so you can discern clarity from what otherwise might appear random. The result is an outline of a trading approach that can be successfully applied regardless of your particular timeframe preference. I … Read More

Stock Market Video Technical Analysis 6/27/08

If you have time this weekend, sign up for a free trial to INO TV (no credit card required). They have an amazing collection of educational seminars from experts like; Linda Raschke, Larry Williams, JOe DiNapoli, John Bollinger, Gerald Appel and dozens of others. There are hundreds of hours of seminars and many of them … Read More

Stock Market Video Trend Review 6/25/08

I will be conducting an online class this Friday, June 27. The subject will be understanding market structure on multiple time frames. It is based on how I view the markets and includes specific entry and exit strategies with an emphasis on understanding and anticipating market psychology. You can find more information and SIGNUP HERE. … Read More