Trading Books

Here’s another review of my book from BESPOKE The guys at Bespoke Investment Group (BIG) do some excellent unique research each day, it is one of my favorite blogs. Looks like I’m not the only one who has been writing. Dr. Brett announced he has a NEW BOOK with its own blog. By the way, … Read More


in oil is large today as the market experienced a short lived knee jerk rally when inventory information was released. The failure of oil to hold onto gains with “bullish” news shows that profit takers are becoming aggressive and a deeper pullback becomes more likely.


are defined by higher highs and higher lows. The uptrend on the daily timeframe in Sina Corp (SINA) is now confirmed by the uptrend on the 5 minute chart below. When it comes to taking profits everyone has different styles they are comfortable with, I like to sell into strength and hold partial balances for … Read More