In Technical Analysis Using Multiple Timeframes, Brian Shannon takes the reader through the essentials of technical analysis and then illustrates how to integrate those into a coherent trading methodology. From the phases of stock movement to price/volume relationships and risk management, Brian brings his topics to life with concrete and practical illustrations and explanations. This … Read More

Pre-Open Look

As I stated in yesterday’s video, the markets have been trying to work through resistance (140- SPY) and they seem tired. The Nasdaq 100 has made a lower high and making a lower low below 46.50 would break the put that market back below the recent uptrend line and below the 5DMA. If the Qs … Read More

Coming Soon

One of the first reviews, more details this week. I always believed Brian Shannon had the “Right Stuff.”Whether it was his stock picks, his eclectic blog posts or when he would shower us with his market intelligence in our chatroom. Now comes his outstanding book, “Technical Analysis using Multiple Timeframes.” This is a subject that … Read More

Visa (V)

is the WALLSTRIP stock today. Thanks to HOWARD, FLY, ANDREW and DR. BRETT for helping me out this weekend when Google temporarily shut this site down. Subscribe to Andrews’ top rated PODCASTS on iTunes.

Class Feedback

Thanks to everyone who attended today. The class this evening (I’m attending from the Middle east…) was very useful to me as a part time trader,it broke a lot of myths, gave me useful knowledge, and therefore more confidence“playing” with the market,waiting for the next class…Thanks again! Yonatan M Great class for me to attend; … Read More