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will be available on Friday Brian stresses the two keys to successful trading — discipline and finding a trading style that suits your style and personality. Without those two concepts, most traders fail. With that in mind, this book has several excellent technical analysis systems, but the chapter on Risk Management is really the key. … Read More

Research In Motion (RIMM)

is the WALLSTRIP stock today. Here’s my view of the stock. Here’s the official cover Over the years I have become more of an investor than trader, but that has not reduced the importance of risk, psychology and money management, all of which I get from Brian’s book and website as I peruse the charts … Read More

Details about release date, how to order, etc. Coming this week. “Brian Shannon has the rare ability to take difficult concepts and make them understandable to anyone. His lessons on technical analysis should part of the daily routine for any trader or investor looking to become more profitable. With the release of Technical Analysis using … Read More

Sneak Move Higher

the markets rarely do what “everyone expects” and the quiet consolidation has turned into a nice rally in the Qs with yesterday’s high being taken out. The significance of 47 as potential support going forward is reinforced by this move.

In Technical Analysis Using Multiple Timeframes, Brian Shannon takes the reader through the essentials of technical analysis and then illustrates how to integrate those into a coherent trading methodology. From the phases of stock movement to price/volume relationships and risk management, Brian brings his topics to life with concrete and practical illustrations and explanations. This … Read More