The Noose is Tightening

The development of the triangle patterns I have been mentioning in the videos since last week, are getting closer to their completion. Triangle patterns are considered “continuation patterns” which means they are typically resolved in the direction of the primary trend, which is obviously lower. The patterns are usually broken when they have reached 60-80% … Read More

Video Stock Market Technical ANalysis 2/18/08

Volatility continued after the close as strong earnings from HPQ motivated futures buyers, let’s see if this strength can be built on tomorrow. BTW, the HPQ strength brings the stock very close to the declining 50 DMA at 46.70 I don’t know what Youtube’s problem is, the video works for a while then it doesn’ … Read More

Class Today

Thanks to those of you who participated. Here is what they had to say. Hi Brain,Thanks for the great course! Love it and totally made me rethink how to look for opportunities and trading strategies.I strongly encourage people who has been following the website to take this course. It comes with very good pdf doc … Read More