30 Minute Charts

The charts below have a 5 day moving average- orangeVWAP since 75 bp rate cut- purple horizontalkey support- greenkey resistance- red The financials appear to be flirting with a more serious break down below support which could lead to a test of the lows in that sector. If such a break were to come it … Read More

The Battle at 44.50

continues and the buyers persistance is impressive. Remember, it is not the break that matters as much as the subsequent action. If you are long or contemplating a buy past resistance be sure to have an exit strategy in mind if the break out materializes and then fails to hold.

The Rangebound Market

has left a lot of traders with losses and a feeling of DEPRESSION Do not force trades. If the market isn’t providing you with good trading opportunities it is sending you a message to go slow. Cash is a a position which give you clarity for when easier trading conditions reveal themselves.

Stock Market Video Technical Analysis 2/27/08

I have no control of when the videos are available for viewing. Youtube is generally the first available, which is why I embed that one most often, but if it says “unavailable” you can always search the other sites I upload to; google, putfile, vsocial, vimeo, sumo, scilpo, yahoo, revver, itunes, etc. * Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=10801522812* … Read More