I had met you at the Trader Expo in NYC last weekend after having attended your lectures. I became aware of you and your blog site,, through an article written by Barron’s. About that time, I had my epiphany about Technical Analysis and I began my education in this art form. I participated in the webinar and I must compliment you on the presentation of your trading style and your underlying methodology. It is clear, concise and more importantly it is a manageable system with clear measures of entry, risk and potential reward. It is mainstream in its concept, recognizing generally accepted technical analysis. I also enjoy the insight on the psychology of trading, recognition of the marketplace its players, their perceptions and reactions that make the market. Great Seminar.

Joe P.


Good common sense materials presented in a clear and
structured manner. Best part is the course materials.
For me, much materials are very basic since I have
been trading for over 4 years. A suggestion would be
to separate students into experience levels such that
the materials can be tailored. MOre time for Q&A would
also be helpful

Thank you


Brian’s methods of identifying market trends are easy to learn and have been profitable in my real-trading experience. His class was very easy to follow due to his well prepared slides and to-the-point speaking style. The 3+ hours flew by.

Hello Brian,

thanks for 3 1/2 hours of extensive, excellent material. The class provides an in-depth view of the strategy that is shown on the blog everyday. The combination of the 179 page manual and Brians explanations have been helping to clarify lots of things concerning his approach and are very well worth the money.

Thank you Brian (and TerraNova) for your thoutghs and your time!



Hi Brian
I took a free class online last week and listened to a talk at the NY expo. Also, I followed your blog at alpha trends for about a month. I like your style of teaching, so I signed up for a paid class, Profiting from Trend Alignment . It keeps trading simple, just what I am looking for in my trading .This class will help me make better decisions about reading charts, when to get in & most importantly when to cut my loses on a trade. What I learned in class, I can follow at alphatrends & put it all together to make myself a better trader and trade with the smart money & not with the dumb money. I would recommend your class highly.

Thanks Fred