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As ADAM pointed out on his blog, there was a lot of talk amongst the blog participants in the weekly TICKERSENSE
blog poll. I participate in this weekly poll, but I let my real feelings about it be known in an email discussion with several other participants this weekend. Here is what I said in that email.

Lots of good comments here. My personal feeling of the poll is that it is useless as are all other similar polls. Please do not take offense, but I really don’t care what anyone else thinks about the market. I trade for a living and it is only my opinion that will matter to my P/L at the end of the day. So why participate? I guess because as a few others pointed out “for fun” and also a little exposure never hurt either. If people want to fade me that is fine, they should, I need liquidity on my trades and the market will decide who is right or wrong. I think the tickersense blog is packed with valuable and useful information and am pleased that they consider me to be a “top blogger”. I did not participate in their year end survey because as I told them it would be doing a disservice to the readers by pretending I have the slightest clue about where any thing would be in 12 months. I feel similar about the weekly survey, I have no clue (or interest) in where the market will be in 30 days, my time frames are hours to days. The idea of the sentiment poll is a good one because it unites the blog world with discussions like this one and increases awareness of our work which is why I will continue to participate in a less than perfect model.