I will have a video of the markets tomorrow. Here is the feedback from today’s online class. Thanks to everyone who attended!

Dear Brian,

Thanks a lot for the class! It was very very good! Will be using as much of information you provided as I can.
Izabella P.

Wonderful job.
I only wish I had taken this class 2 years ago, then I would have had 7 digit more money in my 401K (Ouch).

Hey Brian,

Really enjoyed the class today. There was a lot of material covered in a short time. You could make this a 2 x 3hour class 🙂
If you do a live event in the Denver Area (I am in Evergreen) I would be interested.
I have been trading full time for 3 months now and this class will help me succeed in this tough business.

Thanks again,

Sylvain T

Hi Brian,
Thanks for a great class today. I appreciate your focus on the things that really matter, pushing away all of the extra information that just turns to noise and distraction in the hands of a new trader (and maybe for not-so-new traders as well). And I appreciate your blunt honesty that trading is not easy, and that only the minority of traders with discipline, perseverance, and an appreciation for the art of trading and work very hard at this will succeed. This class combined with your daily blog is an INCREDIBLE combo. Thanks!
Dale H

I attended your class this morning. What an eye opener. I have only been trading for a short while and really got a deeper understanding to the flow of the market in different time frames. I have read many books, been to many expensive seminars, but your online class really helped tie everything together. I learned a lot and would be interested in any future classes.

I thought your class was great. I saw your mini version of it at the presentation you gave for DTG. Today’s seminar answered a lot of my questions.
I am glad I attended today. I like your philosophy. It makes a lot of sense.
Hossein T

Hi Brian, I took this course again today because I enjoyed the last
presentation so much , and what the heck, I figured that like a good
movie experience I would see new things the second time around, and I
did. A fitting title for an upcoming book authored by you would be “
The intelligent Trader”. Thanks for sharing your hard earned
experience! Live Long and Prosper. I wish You and your Family a
merry Christmas and Prosperous New Year! Vic

Two thumbs way up!!!! I would highly recommend your class to anyone in the investment world.
Your class & your blog are a true asset to any trader or investor.
Keep up the good work.
Mike G

“Profiting from Trend Alignment” by Brian Shannon really gives a full understanding of the tools he uses to see ‘trend alignment’. For the beginner looking to gain advanced knowledge from an experienced trader, the class did not disappoint. It gives an explanation of the psychology of the market, along with ways to recognize, and profit from, trend analysis on multiple time frames.
Brian’s philosophy on self-discipline, trader psychology and position management is worth the price of tuition alone. His wisdom in these areas will help me be more profitable on my trades. I am sure of it.
Combine his blog with all the additional information from the class, and I can say that my entire process of trading and investing has just made a serious leap! Thanks again Brain!
Richard F.


Great class this morning. I really enjoyed it and like your straightforward approach to technical analysis. It’s refreshing to see an emphasis on price action and not on another bunch of worthless indicators.

Thanks and keep up the great videos.