How about some shorts?

“If the S&P 500 is breaking down, oil continues higher and the interest rate trend continues higher, why not look at a few ideas for the short side?” asks one reader. I have always found it more difficult to make money with short sales than longs, but that does not mean it cannot be a … Read More

Updates plus ENZN and TQNT

Before we look at a few new ideas for Monday I wanted to update some previously mentioned stocks. ALTI-continues to hold up well, stop should be at 3.82. Current quarter arnings have been reported. CPST– also acts well, buyers took back control on Thursday and the stop should now be just below 4.00. Clearing short … Read More


The daily chart of CPST shows a very healthy stock which experienced a low volume pullback to a prior level of resistance. Drilling down to the 10 minute timeframe of the last 10 days we can see that buyers regain control of the upward momentum as the stock can clear short term resistance at 4.12. … Read More

Quiet market (SPY and ZP)

I’m finding very little to trade today as the market attempts to stabilize after the recent selling. The 60 minutet chart of the S&P 500 (SPY) is not very encouraging for the bulls and right now I think stocks have lost too much ground over the last few days to consider short sales. If this … Read More